Friday, July 28, 2006


MARCH OF THE PENGUINS ("La Marche de l'empereur," 2005, France, Luc Jacquet, Jordan Roberts narration)
In Blue Like Jazz, Don Miller reflects on his experiences as a young man whose exposure to radical secularism at Oregon's Reed College leads him deeper into his own Christian spirituality. In "Faith: Penguin Sex," Miller describes a documentary about the mating rituals of penguins; "I felt like I was one of those penguins. They have this radar inside of them that told them when and where to go and none of it made any sense, but they show up on the very day their babies are being born, and the radar always turns out to be right. I have a radar inside me that says to believe in Jesus. Somehow, penguin radar leads them perfectly well. Maybe it isn't so foolish that I follow the radar that is inside of me." Different doc, pretty much the same birds. And if his reading is probably not exactly what the film-makers intended, well hey: Hopkins says the earth is charged with the grandeur of God, Calvin calls creation "the theatre of His glory," and even rocks and asses bring the word of the Lord – so who am I to argue?

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