Monday, May 21, 2007

movies about grief

A friend emailed me asking for films that deal with grieving. He had come up with the top two on the following list: the rest come from friends at Arts & Faith.

In The Bedroom
Moonlight Mile
The Son's Room
The Sixth Sense
The Son
In America
Tender Mercies
The Guys
Finding Neverland
To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
21 Grams
The Big Chill
Truly, Madly, Deeply
TV: Dead Like Me
TV: Six Feet Under

And films I haven't seen, or which I have seen but don't remember well enough to confirm the grief component;
Moonlight Mile
Schultze Gets The Blues
The Fisher King
We Are Marshal
Corrina, Corrina
Mrs. Brown
Sansho The Bailiff'

And a few more...

What Dreams May Come
About Schmidt
Ordinary People


Anonymous said...

I have some suggestions:

The Sweet Hereafter
The Color of Paradise
Vanilla Sky

Some other potentials:
The Searchers
To Kill A Mockingbird

~Jason Goode

DanBuck said...

You know it's funny. As I look over this list, I see that some, if not most of my favorite films deal with deep sadness and mourning.

And yet, I've never lost anyone close to me. Heck I've never been to a funeral.

I wonder what it all means.

I hope you are well friend.

Anne Chida, Hospice Chaplain said...

One of the best films I've seen on grief is "The Stone Boy."

Ron Reed said...

I had a shirt from THE STONE BOY! While I was at theatre school near Los Angeles, I went to a clothing store that sold things which had been worn on various film sets - cheap, pretty much just used clothing store prices. Since Robert Duvall was in STONE BOY, I didn't hesitate to buy a brown work shirt that looked like something Robert Duvall might have worn, and wore it with a sense of inspiration.

When the film came out, I watched for that shirt, but never saw it. Not on Robert Duvall, not on anybody. So if you see that film again, and spot that shirt, you promise to let me know!

(Well, I've certainly added value to this discussion...)


Anonymous said...

"The Greatest" is the best film I've ever seen that shows both sides of a sibling's and parent's grief of a brother and son. I never felt like any movie could compare with the emotion of grief until I saw this movie. And not only that, it helped me move past mine.