Sunday, July 22, 2007

Darkness ("Dans l'obscurité") - new short from dardenne brothers

DARKNESS ("Dans l'Obscurité") is the short film Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne were commissioned to create for this year's Cannes festival. Wow. (That is, "wow" if you're in on the, well, not exactly joke, but... Maybe it's wow anyways, but if you're primed for this one, double-wow.)

Make sure you've got the sound turned right up, as well as the brightness on your screen (and/or watch the clip in a darkened room). The more I think about the film, the more I realize what a perfect tribute this is to the filmmaker who seems in many ways to be the mentor of the Dardenne brothers.

Beautiful. Funny.

Now I just need to find myself a DVD copy...



Cinema is really a wonderful thing. Any viewer sitting in a seat in a dark movie theatre is turned into an innocent child. And there's nothing quite as magical as light and darkness. It can send viewers into raptures. Under the circumstances, I suppose this is akin to picking pockets in the dark. By captivating the viewer, we rob him of his reason, which is even worse than emptying his pocket.
- Abbas Kiarostami

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