Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Videomatica!

They're as old as we are!  (Just a little older, actually. Pacific Theatre is in it's 25th season, but our actual birthday will be next June. Or August. Or September. Or November. Depends when we decide we were actualy born.)  They opened their doors in 1983, and whatever other accolades they may have earned over the years, surely none is more coveted than the title Ron's Favourite Video Store.  I was a fan even before I started up with - now "fan" has crossed over into "fanatic," as the coolest movies in town show up in my mailbox any given day. (Tell me - what's the last thing that arrived in your mailbox that you got excited about? Bills? Flyers? Letters from Pacific Theatre asking you for money?)  Just this morning it was EDUCATIONAL ARCHIVES VOLUME SIX: RELIGION - including the Rolf Forsberg classic, STALKED!

Anyhow, I just got an email celebrating the grand occasion (Videomatica's birthday, not the arrival of my DVD).  Look at the fab stars who've rented from VM!

Knowing I'm sounding like an ad, I'll still say it - you really ought to subscribe to Almost every Soul Food Movie I've written up in my blog over the past years can be rented at their store, and with the subscription, they send them to you in the mail. My subscription is about $30 a month, which means at any given time I've got three dvds signed out. When I finish one, I put it in the postage-paid envelope they provide, pop it in the mail, and a few days later my next movie arrives in the mail - whatever has made it to the top of the queue of movies I've created on their website, which I can change whenever I learn about another movie I want to see. Honestly, it's the coolest thing.


Happy birthday, Videomatica!

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