Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Film Courses at Regent College: May 11-22, July 27-31

Reading Film: A Theological Approach
May 11-22
On a few occasions, I've listened to (and watched) Bruce Marchfelder work through a section of a film with a group of people: the opening section of HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY, a large portion of Chaplin's CITY LIGHTS, the initial sequence of CITIZEN KANE. Bruce is an extraordinary teacher, opening up a film with a body of knowledge and a passion for the art form that is exhilarating and engaging. For several years I have looked for the opportunity to take one of Bruce's film courses, but always they have conflicted with something else, and again that's true this year. But if I weren't in production week for YOU STILL CAN'T the first week of this Regent two-week intensive, I'd absolutely be there. So I'm going to recommend that all of you go in my place.

The Ethics Of Filmmaking
July 27-31
Also note the tag-team of Winter and Stackhouse will be doing an intriguing course on The Ethics Of Filmmaking at Regent Summer School this year. Ralph Winter is a first-rank producer, called on to captain many of Hollywood's most expensive and elaborate productions. He's widely known not only for getting the job done, but for the way he treats people in an industry known for its extreme pressure and bottom-line mentality. My personal tastes don't generally run to the sorts of films he's called on to produce, but I'm very drawn to him as a person, and have immense respect for the way he truly brings his Christian faith to bear in the way he goes about his work. I bet the course will be marvelous.

More details on spring session and summer school at the Regent College website.

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