Wednesday, April 08, 2009

NOW PLAYING: Big Screens


One church to go to this Easter Weekend is the Imax at Canada Place: U23D, services nightly at 8pm (Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday only). Opening Good Friday, running through Apr 13 is LA DOLCE VITA (Cinematheque): "a three-hour masterpiece that shows one man's descent into the sweet life of debauchery... Sprinkled with religious images and gestures at salvation" (Cinemaclock). Carole and I savoured CHERRY BLOSSOMS (opens Easter weekend at VanCity): don't read any write-ups, better to experience this film as it comes to you: suffice it to say, a late-middle-aged couple, as distanced from their children as any in Ozu, as distanced from their lives as anyone in IKIRU, face death and, finally, travel to Japan. Stick around for the more-or-less Easter-themed late show at VanCity, Monty Python's LIFE OF BRIAN: "Always look on the bright side."

Langley's Twilight Drive-In might just be the perfect place to see Scott Derrickson's THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (remake of the 1951 sf classic), especially now that spring's sprung. DOUBT, GRAN TORINO and THE WRESTLER soldier on at Granville 7, with the first two also showing up at the Hollywood.


SUNSHINE CLEANING has opened at Tinseltown and the Park. Pettily, I resent the filmmakers' compulsion to remind us it's "from the folks who brought you LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE" - can a title be product placement? Still, a film I want to see: LMS with body bags.

CORALINE continues three dimensionally at Tinseltown, flat everywhere else. FROST/NIXON visit The Hollywood, GOMORRAH has opened at the Fifth, where THE READER carries on reading.

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