Monday, October 12, 2009

Richard Brody on CREATION

From The Front Row, Richard Brody's New Yorker movie blog...
"Macy Halford worries that religious conservatives in America are getting in the way of movie distributors picking up CREATION for U.S. release. She cites ... the film’s producer, Jeremy Thomas, and anti-evolution invective spewed about the film on conservative Christian Web sites, but it seems to me that Thomas is just doing his job as a producer: he’s trying to shame or flatter a distributor into ponying up for it.

"Could it be that Thomas is holding out for a U.S. distribution deal rich enough to require a large national release? In other words, could this really be about money rather than religion? And one more thing; look at the trailer:

"Doesn’t it look bland? There are lots of films from around the world that don’t have American distribution, many of great artistic significance. I’d like to see a movie about Darwin, about the work that went into the discovery of evolution, and, for that matter, about the controversy it still arouses. Is “Creation” the one we’ve been waiting for? I have my doubts."

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