Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best of 2009: Award Lists

By mid-December, Movie City News has usually begun posting their tallies of critic top ten lists - a pretty good viewing guide to the year-end flurry of tasty flicks. Nothing yet on that front, but to whet the appetite, The Awards Scoreboard. (Each title followed by number of awards received to date. Films currently playing in Vancouver are boldfaced: check cinemaclock for details. Films available on DVD at Videomatica are underlined in blue).

The Awards Scoreboard

Up in the Air | 20
Inglourious Basterds | 17
The Hurt Locker | 16

Precious | 10
Up | 8
The Cove | 7.5
An Education | 6

The Fantastic Mr Fox | 5
Julie & Julia | 5
Summer Hours | 5

Sin Nombre | 4

Crazy Heart | 3

A Serious Man | 2
(500) Days of Summer | 2
Anvil! | 2
Food Inc. | 2
A Single Man | 2
The White Ribbon | 2

Invictus | 1.5

Avatar | 1
Coraline | 1
In The Loop | 1
Of Time and the City | 1
Me and Orson Welles | 1
A Prophet | 1
Seraphine | 1
Where the Wild Things Are | 1
You, The Living | 1

The Beaches of Agnes | .5

I've seen fewer films this year than any of the past six or seven, but looks like the crits and I are on the same page: all of my favourites are there except two foreign language films, Revanche and Lorna's Silence;
Where The Wild Things Are
Julie & Julia
A Serious Man
An Education
(500) Days Of Summer
Inglourious Basterds
Lorna's Silence
You, The Living

Three other real discoveries this year, all from the middle of last century: The Apartment, The Sweet Smell of Success, and Sunset Boulevard.


Pie Man said...

500 Days was pretty darn creative, I'll admit.

Also, have you seen Moon yet? Possibly the best sci-fi movie to come out in the last few years. More along the lines of 2001, than anything else.

Ron Reed said...

Hi, Pi! Yes, I did see Moon. Definite tips of the space helmet to 2001. It also kept reminding me of Silent Running. | I loved the feel of the movie, but must confess that once they began to tell us what was going on, I continually had the feeling that I'd jumped ahead to the subsequent revelations and the story was dragging along behind. I'm all for meditative pacing in a film, but in a plotty movie, once the tricks have been revealed, or once it's likely that your audience will be onto you, you need to pick up the tempo. So in my experience, a movie that started great turned so-so. Did you find it lost steam, or did it keep working right through for you? | Sam Rockwell was terrific.

Pie Man said...

It lost a bit of steam in the end. The ending itself was a cop-out, I thought. Sam Rockwell was excellent, though. Absolutely made the movie work (especially in the scenes with two Sams). It was pretty much a one-man show as well, so good on the (casting) director for picking the right guy.

I mentioned Moon only because I saw it and 500 Days back-to-back. They've stuck together now, for me.