Friday, February 19, 2010

Mar 12-14 | City of Angels Film Festival | Los Angeles

Nice line-up at this year's City Of Angels Fest in L.A. Not mentioned in the note below: Lourdes (Jessica Hausner), Seraphine (Martin Provost), and 1040 (Evan Jackson Leong)


We are highlighting nine cinematic gems. Plenty of fresh, original and sparkling films are being produced. But with film distribution in turmoil, it is even tougher to find them. The City of the Angels is thrilled to present the most original and inspiring independent films of 2009. These 'buried treasures' will surprise and delight cinephiles.

That Evening Sun invites us to slow down, to sit on the porch, to observe life as it unfolds.

Still Walking takes us inside a Japanese home, where the rhythms of life are interrupted.

Summer Hours explores a family reunion in France, wrestling with legacies and inheritances. What are people, places, and things worth?

Goodbye Solo invites us to reexamine our values. Why should we live? A Senegalese cab driver provides a vibrant answer.

Burma VJ takes us to the streets of Rangoon, where a democratic uprising challenges an oppressive government. It demonstrates the power of citizen journalists to tell the real story.

After the Storm takes us inside St. Mark's community center, eager to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. This backstage musical provides hope and healing for teens in transition.

What a privilege to champion such inspiring stories. These cinematic treasures will ignite your passion for art, justice, and reconciliation.

Join us at the Directors Guild for a vital conversation, March 12-14, 2010.

Craig Detweiler & Eugene Suen

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