Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brody on Rossellini

Malcolm Brody has a notable film blog at The New Yorker. In this recent post, he considers GERMANY YEAR ZERO from Rossellini's war trilogy...

“Germany Year Zero” is part of Criterion’s boxed set featuring Rossellini’s “War Trilogy,” which I recently reviewed in the magazine; I also reviewed two other Rossellini sets last year. But there’s one, a natural to compile, that doesn’t exist, and its absence from home video is perhaps the single most grievous cinematic blind spot in the marketplace: the five features and one short film that he made with Ingrid Bergman (whom he married in the course of their collaborations), between 1949 and 1955.
Exactly. No sooner had I ordered my copy of the War Trilogy than I began wishing Criterion would come out with Stromboli, Europa '51 and Voyage To Italy - the Rossellini films (apart from Rome, Open City and Paisan) that I've always been most eager to see. Someday...

There've been a couple other previous Soul Food posts on Rossellini, one concerning the War Trilogy that includes some nice links, James Quandt's notes on the Cinematheque Ontario's retrospective, and a transcription of Martin Scorsese's comments in his tribute to Italian film My Voyage To Italy - which is available, along with the War Trilogy and Flowers Of St Francis, at Videomatica

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