Sunday, June 27, 2010

hobbit | good news bad news

the good news
was that Guillermo del Toro, director of Pan's Labyrinth, was lined up to direct The Hobbit.

the bad news
came out May 30, when del Toro announced he would not be directing The Hobbit, "expressing concern about MGM's financial situation. He left days later. Since the expectation is that somehow the film would get financed despite MGM's woes, speculation was that perhaps del Toro didn't see himself and his family living in New Zealand for the next several years required to make the films."

the good news
"Peter Jackson has decided to direct two installments of The Hobbit, after Jackson extricates himself from other project obligations. Jackson said he expected to get the films into theaters for December 2012 and December, 2013. Jackson has been a creative partner with del Toro from the beginning. The films will use the soundstages and visual effects facilities that Jackson built with proceeds from the LOTR proceeds. Pending a deal, the next step will be to discuss whether or not to shoot the films in 3D."

the qualm
hoping for more Fellowship and Return, not so much Towers. Dwarf-tossing and skate-boarding warriors we don't need.

Source: Deadline New York
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