Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Juno: "Whip-smart"

"Juno is a whip-smart teen confronting an unplanned pregnancy..."

"god bless the whip-smart, snarky and powerfully funny screenplay by blogger / author / former stripper Diablo Cody."

"The film's narrative centers on whip-smart Juno MacGuff (Page), a teenaged girl faced with.."
Rhino Records

"teenage parenthood is devistating for teens and their kids. Perhaps instead of blaming Juno and it's whip-smart dialoge as a potential cause for a rise in teen births, perhaps you should..."
Huffington post blog reply

"The film stars Ellen Page as the youngest mother of them all, a whip-smart high-school student named Juno MacGuff who discovers that she is in the family way..."
Peter Chattaway, CT Movies

"Juno is a whip-smart Minnesota teen living by her own rules."
Barnes & Noble

"the dialogue tones down a bit after the dangerous opening - still whip-smart and quirky, but somehow sweeter."

"The fictional character’s whip-smart dialogue and well-rounded fallibility make her more empathetic..."
Hollywood Today

"It's whip-smart, cool, and very, very funny."
Chris Roberts, Uncut

"Whip-smart, witty and mature beyond her age, Juno finds herself pregnant after ..."

"Stars Ellen Page as the title character, a funny whip-smart teen confronting an unplanned pregnancy..."

"Ellen Page, well, of course, she’s glorious, the most talented young actress in America and the reason to see Juno. Whip-smart and razor sharp, she plays the role just about as well as it could possibly be played."
Dartmouth Free Press

So not only the character, but also the screenwriter and the actress are all, coincidentally, "whip-smart."

"Part whip-smart teen comedy, part drama, backed by a quirky soundtrack and the most subtle comic performance by a youngster in years, Juno is a rare feel-good film in the morose pack of Oscar contenders."
Sun Media

Ah, so even the film itself is whip-smart. Cool.

And then this one. Apparently I'm not the only person to have noticed...

"Juno is supposedly “whip-smart.” That’s what every review of the movie says. This demonstrates that most reviewers are too lazy to frame the movie in their own words—they just mirror the advertising copy...."

Okay, enough. There are hundreds more.

It was actually a review of Slumdog Millionaire by the verbally virtuosic, usually cliché-free Joe Morgenstern that triggered this whole "If I ever hear a critic say whip-smart again, I'll show them whipping and smarting" jag. "This quiet, passionate, whipsmart kid has lived almost every answer he gives; the questions he needs are provided by destiny." Joe, Joe, Joe. And I used to think you were so whipsmart....

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