Monday, November 29, 2010

dec 2 + 5 | king's speech | director night + advance screening

Soul Foodie and filmmaker Jason Goode alerts us to an early opportunity to view a film that's likely to be a must see this December. Director Tom Hooper also created Longford, one of the great overlooked Soul Food essentials. (The Longford screenplay was by Peter Morgan (The Queen, The Last King Of Scotland, Frost/Nixon, Hereafter).

"The King's Speech, which won the People's Choice Award at T.I.F.F. this year, will have an advance screening on the morning of Sunday, Dec 5th at 10AM at Fifth Ave cinemas. Director Tom Hooper is, in my estimation, one of the great directors working today and will soon be a more familiar name to North American audiences. The King's Speech debuted with the best per-theatre average for any film this year and the 17th best ever."

There's a half-hour interview with Hooper available online, from NPR's Fresh Air.

Oh, by the way, Jason is presenting a Director Night on Hooper's past films this Thursday evening (Dec 2) in a friend's home out near UBC.  If you're interested in attending, check out Jason's blog for details.

Videomatica has many of Hooper's previous films, including Longford. You can rent at the store, or sign up for their video-by-mail service: I have it, it's phenomenal!

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