Thursday, March 17, 2011

apr 4 - 8 | bible movies on vision

Check out the Bible movies coming up on Vision TV! Anybody got a PVR? Poke around Matt Page's excellent Bible Film Blog for more on all of these titles. Most interesting to me about the John Huston film "The Bible" is that the screenplay is by Christopher Fry, who pretty much led the very significant religious drama movement in England in the middle of last century (A Phoenix Too Frequent, The Lady's Not For Burning, A Sleep of Prisoners, The Lark, The Dark Is Light Enough, etc.)

Jesus (1979)
Monday, April 4 at Midnight ET
The life and words of Jesus Christ, whose followers form one of the world's great religions, come to life in this literal adaptation of the Christian Bible's Gospel According to St. Luke, filmed entirely in the land where Jesus lived.

The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)
Tuesday, April 5 at Midnight ET
Basing his drama on the novel by Nikos Kazantzakis, master filmmaker Martin Scorsese delves deep into the mind and soul of Jesus Christ and the inner torment his experiences after discovering he is the son of God. With Oscar-nominees Willem Dafoe as Christ and Harvey Keitel as Judas, Scorsese received an Oscar nomination for directing this sweeping and vivid masterpiece.

Jesus Christ SuperStar (1973)
Wednesday, April 6 at Midnight ET
Based on the work of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice and the hit broadway show, this classic rock opera tells the story of the last 6 days of the life of Christ as seen by Judas in contemporary Israel. Directed by Norman Jewison.

The Bible (1966) – Part One
Thursday, April 7 at Midnight ET
Conceived by producer Dino De Laurentiis, THE BIBLE dramatizes the first 22 chapters of Genesis in the Old Testament. Legendary director John Huston lends his talents to create a movie of epic proportions. Shot in sumptuous 70mm, the film is as visually rich as the story it tells.
Presented in an episodic narrative, the story starts at the beginning, with Adam and Eve, played by Michael Parks and Ulla Bergyd, respectively. Their tragic story leads to Cain and Abel, which is followed by the story of Noah, who is portrayed by the director himself. The Tower of Babel is next, followed by the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. George C. Scott plays the beleaguered Abraham, and Ava Gardner stars as his wife, Sarah. In the end, Sarah is visited by the three angels of God, as portrayed by Peter O'Toole.

The Bible (1966) – Part Two
Friday, April 8 at Midnight ET

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