Saturday, April 16, 2011

apr 23 | eat, for this is my body

Not sure that the title's reference to the words of Christ should suggest that this one will necessarily be essential Soul Food. But one's curiosity is nevertheless piqued...

Eat, for This Is My Body (2007, Haiti/France, Michelange Quay)
Pacific Cinematheque
Apr 23 6:30
"Critics have invoked Luis Buñuel, David Lynch and Werner Herzog to describe the extraordinary Eat, for This Is My Body, New York-born filmmaker Michelange Quay’s taboo-breaking, voodoo-infused visual poem to his ancestral homeland of Haiti. Beginning with a spectator aerial-shot swoop into the island country, Quay’s seductive, often shocking film explores power relations — racial, sexual, colonial — through a series of symbolic, surreal sequences set in a decaying mansion."

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