Friday, May 20, 2011

watching for... gunnar goes god

Movie buddy Rosie Perera saw this one, and says "Gunnar Goes God was amazing. I highly recommend it if you get a chance to see it ever. I think it's supposed to be coming out on DVD sometime this year, though it's hard to tell. I can't read Norwegian. But according to Google Translate, I think this site gives you the possibility to pre-order it.

Gunnar Goes God
(2010, Norway, Gunnar Hall Jensen, 85 min)

Saturday May 14 | 2:30 PM | Pacific Cinémathèque
What is the meaning of life? For filmmaker Gunnar Hall Jensen, trapped in the woes of middle-class, financially affluent, consumerist culture, the question becomes more than a navel-gazing solipsistic exercise in this pointedly funny film. Gunnar is not alone in his quest for meaning; his entire film crew is stuck in a similar spiritual malaise, over-worked, stressed out and drinking like proverbial fish in order to cope with the demands of modern life. Is this what it's all about, asks Gunnar, "Sacrificing myself for a way of life that leaves me dead?"

When Gunnar reads a magazine article about a desert monastery that has been in existence since the 4th century, he and his entire crew decamp for the Sahara in search of answers. Along the way, he ponders the idea of God and his own lack of faith. . . .

Gunnar tries to fit into monastic life but finds himself lonely, bored and craving junk food. When he asks the monks about death, they state unequivocally: "Death for us is a just a passage from this life to eternal life." But Gunnar isn't quite ready to slip this mortal coil....

Gunnar Goes God is an inspiring, humorous and ultimately joyful meditation on the biggest question there is. —DW
Tickets and complete blurb - including spoilers - at the DOXA Documentary Film Festival website

...thanks, rosie

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Karina Lavik said...

Hi Ron,

I recently came across your lovely post about Gunnar Goes God. It's understandable that the Norwegian website wasn't very helpful, but you got it spot on - the film is now available on