Sunday, July 10, 2011

jul 8 - 14 | small town murder songs

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A modern gothic tale of crime and redemption about an aging police officer from a small Ontario Mennonite town who hides a violent past until a local murder upsets the calm of his newly reformed life.

This outstanding Canadian feature is an audacious leap forward for writer-director Ed Gass-Donnelly. A small Mennonite community in Ontario is rocked by the discovery of a murdered woman at a local landfill. The investigation pulls in big city cops, but local sheriff Walter (Peter Stormare) has his own theory about who is responsible, a hunch that may be clouded by the bad blood between him and his ex-girlfriend’s new lover.

With a tremendous original gospel score by alt rock collective Bruce Peninsula, and an intense performance from Stormare (Fargo) at its troubled heart, this is not your typical crime thriller, but a powerful spiritual drama, deeply rooted in small town Canadian experience.

"A rare film. Virtuoso helmer Ed Gass-Donnelly achieves that longed-for thing, a whole greater than the parts." VARIETY

"Eerily beautiful. Evoking the Coen Brothers. Ed Gass-Donnelly is a filmmaker to watch." SCREEN DAILY

"Sweeps you off your feet from the opening credits. A great achievement!" QUIET EARTH

"A magnificent crime drama. In a category all its own." CITY TV

Toronto International Film Festival, 2010

"It's a rare film that feels too short, but 'Small Town Murder Songs' leaves one wanting more -- more murder story, mystery and revelations from lead thesp Peter Stormare and virtuoso helmer Ed Gass-Donnelly." Variety

"...the unusual relationship of soundtrack to visuals, the depth of its spiritual component, and the excellent ensemble of actors are impressive enough to make Gass-Donnelly a filmmaker to watch." Screen Daily

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