Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the planting + wait for rain | viff | oct 9-12

Kyle Rideout directed a memorable production of THE GREAT DIVORCE at Pacific Theatre this past spring, and Jason Goode's DANNY & THE DEEP BLUE SEA (summer 2010) was so strong we invited him to place it in our upcoming season. Now both have placed short films in VIFF 2011! Most exciting.


Wait for Rain
plays in Water
(Canada, 2011, 14 mins, HDCam)
Directed By: Kyle Rideout
In a future where water is scarce--making healthy plants the newest form of bling--James tries to get a girl's attention.

Sun, Oct 9th 9:30pm
Empire Granville 7 Th 2

Mon, Oct 10th 4:00pm
Pacific Cinematheque

The Planting
plays in Fire
(Canada, 2011, 5 mins, HDCAM)
Directed By: Jason Goode

A man reflects on a wasted life of digging holes and filling them back in.

Tue, Oct 11th 9:15pm
Empire Granville 7 Th 2

Wed, Oct 12th 3:45pm
Pacific Cinematheque

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