Saturday, October 07, 2006

Movie Group

Next up:
Dec 9: Dan's choice (heh heh heh...)
January: Sophie Scholl

On deck:
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
13 Conversations About One Thing
It�s All Gone Pete Tong
Like Water for Chocolate
The Big Kahuna
Sweet Hereafter
The Runner Stumbles
Keeping the Faith
Saving Grace
Man Without a Past
About a Boy
Say Anything
Local Hero
13 Conversations about One Thing
Babette�'s Feast
The Apostle
Jesus of Montreal
Grizzly Man
Burden of Dreams
Touching the Void
Dancer in the Dark
Kent: Mr Hollands Opus, The NeverEnding Story, Nightmare Before Christmas

The Count of Monte Cristo
Les Miserables du vingtieme siecle
Born Into Brothels
Iron Giant
Waking Ned Devine
Pride and Prejudice / Bride and Prejudice
The Straight Story
Garden State (Mike)
The Mission
Chocolat (Nov 4)
Hawaii, Oslo (Nov 18)

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