Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mar 30 - Apr 2, 5: Adam's Apples, VIFC

Thanks to Peter Chattaway for pointing out this one, coming soon to the VanCity Theatre at the Vancouver International Film Centre

ADAM'S APPLES (Adams Æbler)
Vancity Theatre
Mar 30 - 9pm
Mar 31 - 7pm
Apr 1 - 9pm
Apr 2 - 7pm
Apr 5 - 9pm

Denmark, Germany, 2005, 94 min, 35mm
Directed By: Andres Thomas Jensen
Cast: Ulrich Thomsen, Mads Mikkelsen, Paprika Steen
This film is not rated. No children under 18.

Fresh from prison, middle-aged neo-Nazi atheist Adam (Ulrich Thomsen) is sent to live in a country church for a stint of community service. Ivan (Casino Royale supervillain Mads Mikkelsen), the priest charged with his reform, maintains a delusional optimism as a defense against darker truths in his past and all around him. Asked to set a goal for his stay, Adam nonchalantly sets the bar pretty low: he’ll bake an apple cake. But when the church’s beloved lone apple tree is beset, in short order, by crows, worms and lightning, and fallen bibles keep opening to “The Book of Job,” it’s clear that the thunderclouds above the parish have blown in straight from the Old Testament, and a test of faith is at hand. The pitchest of black comedies, Anders Thomas Jensen’s wickedly funny film reverberates with profane dialogue, appalling behaviour and strategic use of the Bee Gees, as Adam only somewhat maliciously sets out to dismantle Ivan’s sunny armour... Assuredly filmed in frosty blues and suitably stormy weather, Adam’s Apples is a sly religious parable by a writer/director with a bracing talent for dark, astringent humour.—Steve Mockus, San Francisco Film Festival

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