Wednesday, March 28, 2007


THE PAINTED VEIL (2006, USA, John Curran, Ron Nyswaner screenplay from W. Somerset Maugham novel)
When love and duty are one, grace is upon you.
A narcissistic and over-privileged young woman "taken in adultery" is challenged when her husband volunteers to fight cholera in a remote Chinese village. The sympathetic portrayal of a Catholic orphanage lends spiritual resonance to a story of moral awakening. Rooted lead performances by co-producers Naomi Watts and Edward Norton, combined with Maugham's characteristic British restraint and psychological insight, temper what might sound like melodramatic stuff into something understated and substantial – though the novel’s more ambivalent and complex ending is not retained. (Nor was it in the 1934 version, often considered a lesser Garbo vehicle, but directed by renowned Method teacher Richard Boleslawski, who trained at the Moscow Art Theatre and founded what became the Actor’s Studio in New York.) Gorgeous cinematography.

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