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The Films of 2007 (Dec 26)

Who was that smart guy who wrote about the Dec 15 posting of this year's Movie City News tally of critic's lists that...
"There Will Be Blood will climb once more critics see it and more lists are posted. (up now from #15 to #2) "Same with Jesse James and I'm Not There..." (both up slightly, JJ from #23 to #19, and INT from #18 to #14). "Wonder if Syndromes and 4-3-2 will be viewed widely enough to climb?" (up from #23 to #21, and from #29 to #16 respectively) "I'm surprised how high Breach and 3:10 are, and 300 - I bet they all fade." (Breach drops from #25 to #43, 3:10 drops from #17 to #31, and 300 drops from #20 to #50)" "Slightly surprised and definitely pleased to see Once so high - wonder if it will sag to top 20?." (Once held its own at #5)

The MCN site compiles all the professional "Best Of" lists they can find, as well as nominations for various awards. Of course, these lists aren't a lot more significant than awards, whose worth is always questionable. But they're a terrific tip-off about what to see in the end-of-year onslaught of interesting movies.

Here's the latest iteration, ranked by total points. And what the heck, I'll boldface my particular favourites...

1. No Country For Old Men (Fifth, Silvercity, etc)
2. There Will Be Blood (In Vancouver theatres Jan 11)
3. Zodiac (DVD available)
4. Diving Bell & The Butterfly (Fifth)
5. Once (DVD available)
6. Atonement (Tinseltown, Park, Silvercity, etc.)
7. Into The Wild (Tinseltown - may leave soon)
8. Juno (Fifth, Tinseltown, Silvercity, etc.)
9. Michael Clayton (Granville 7 - may leave soon)
10. Sweeney Todd (Rio, Silvercity, Scotiabank)

11. Away From Her (DVD available)
12. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (Tinseltown)
13. Ratatouille (DVD available)
14. I'm Not There (Granville 7, Fifth Avenue)
15. Eastern Promises (Hollywood Dec 26/27)
16. 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days (Had a short fall run)
17. Lives Of Others (DVD available)
18. Persepolis (No sign of this one)
19. Assassination of Jesse James (DVD Feb 5)
20. Bourne Ultimatum (DVD available)

21. Killer of Sheep (DVD available)
22. The Savages (Fifth, TInseltown)
23. Syndromes and a Century (No sign of this one)
24. The Host
25. Knocked Up (DVD available)
26. Darjeeling Limited (Tinseltown - may leave soon)
27. No End In Sight (DVD available)
28. Gone Baby Gone (DVD Feb 12)
29. Superbad (DVD available)
30. American Gangster (Tinseltown, Station Square)

31. 3:10 To Yuma (DVD Jan 8)
32. Sicko (DVD available)
33. King Of Kong (Already ran at the Vancity?)
34. Control (Had a short fall run)
35. Black Book (DVD available)
36. Hairspray (DVD available)
37. Lust, Caution (Station Square)
38. Across The Universe (DVD Feb 5)
38. 12:08 East Of Bucharest (DVD Feb 5)
38. Offside (DVD available)

41. Rescue Dawn (DVD available)
42. Margot At The Wedding (Granville 7)
43. Breach (DVD available)
44. This Is England (DVD available)
44. Charlie Wilson's War (Dunbar, Scotiabank, Silvercity, etc)
44. Lady Chatterly (been and gone?
47. Grindhouse (DVD available)
48. The Kite Runner (Ridge, Scotiabank, Silvercity)
48. The Wind That Shakes The Barley (DVD available)
48. 300 (DVD available)

51. Lars & The Real Girl (Granville 7)
55. After The Wedding (DVD available)
60. Starting Out The Evening (not here yet)
63. Paranoid Park (been and gone?)
DNR. Silent Light (hasn't come yet)


And here's my own year-end list of personal favourites. Not an objective assessment: these are the films I've most enjoyed/appreciated in 2007. Amazingly strong roster, and so many yet to be seen. I think this is the strongest year for film since 1999.

My Faves of 2007
1. Adam's Apples
2. Into The Wild
3. Across The Universe
4. Assassination of Jesse James
5. I'm Not There
6. Gone Baby Gone
7. After The Wedding
8. The Lives Of Others
9. This Is England
10. Once
11. Michael Clayton
12. Amazing Grace
13. Lars & The Real Girl
14. Black Snake Moan
15. You Told Me, You Love Me
16. Ratatouille
17. Into Great Silence
18. No Country For Old Men
19. You, The Living
20. Jindabyne
21. Secret Sunshine
22. The Aura
23. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
24. Away From Her

Eager To See
Ben X
The Bothersome Man
Charlie Wilson's War
The Darjeeling Limited
The Diving Bell & The Butterfly
Dry Season (Daratt)
Kite Runner
Margot At The Wedding
Paranoid Park
Silent Light
Sweeney Todd
Syndromes & A Century
There Will Be Blood
4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days

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