Saturday, December 01, 2007

tears for april: beyond the blue lens

A note from Steve Plitt, who did a bunch of tech stuff around PT a way back, and then headed into film. You've probably seen his wonderful short SUPERANON. Well...

Hello, again!

I wanted to give you the heads up to a movie that's playing this week only at
Tinseltown; Tears for April: Beyond the Blue Lens. This film was a decade in the
making, and dives into the sometimes brutal, sometimes heartwarming interactions
between the cops and the addicts on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

It has been described as "a gushing stream of turmoil, desperation, love and
hope with touches of humour."

This is the latest major project from Vancouver's Odd Squad, and some unknown
filmmaker/goomba/PT alumnus named Steve Plitt edited it.

More blurbs and promo material here

Here's the Straight review (of course, they can't help being political at the

Playing at Tinseltown Nov 30 to Dec 6

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