Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dec 22: MCN Critics Chart #3

There's a new Movie City News chart. Looks like they got my email (one among the millions pointing out the error, I'm sure): SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK is just one movie now, and without its votes split, it lands at number nine. HAPPY GO LUCKY bumps into the top ten (bah, humbug), followed by both WENDY AND LUCY, up from #19 to the eleventh slot. MILK (a good film marred by an ill-suited, pushy Danny Elfman score and too much Robert McKee in the last act) leapfrogged over SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (a terrific, energetic film), but they're only 3.5 votes apart, and both still in the top four. IN BRUGES and DOUBT both dropped five places (grrrr), but SILENT LIGHT suddenly dawns, starting its charting at #28! Flanked by MY WINNIPEG and PARANOID PARK - viva les auteurs! CHE makes his first appearance at 18 (and will keep climbing), with THE CLASS making its debut at #25 (complete with Cannes accolades).

Last chart tabulated 43 lists, this one adds another 19. For notes on what's playing in Vancouver, check that previous post.

Merry Christmas!

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