Thursday, December 18, 2008

HELLRAISER: INFERNO (2000, USA, Derrickson)

HELLRAISER: INFERNO (2000, USA, Scott Derrickson, screenplay with Paul Harris Boardman)
This is the life you chose, Joseph. All the people you hurt, all the appetites you indulge. You have allowed your flesh to consume your spirit.

In Volume Five of the low-budget, high-gore horror series launched by Clive Barker, Christian writer/director Derrickson sought to introduce elements of the gospel into what is basically a cheap exploitation fright flick. Pinhead fans were unhappy that the monster-geek "star" of the franchise has less than three minutes screen time, and that Derrickson moves things in something of a detective thriller direction, but other viewers may appreciate his efforts to make a more psychologically and spiritually significant silk purse out of a slasher movie sow's ear. Derrickson: "The more frightening and sort of dark and oppressive a movie is, the more free you are to explore the supernatural and explore faith. I became very interested in it for that reason, and The Screwtape Letters was the beacon."


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