Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feb 22 - Mar 2: THE GODFATHER PART II at VanCity

In December we were treated to the first of the GODFATHER films on the big screen, painstakingly restored from the neglected original prints. I'll be honest - the print didn't look all that great. My old dvd version is considerably cleaner, no scratches, dropped frames. Whether that indicates how badly damaged the originals were, or - ironically - if we were viewing a badly worn copy of the "pristine" restored film, I can't say.

Even so, it was terrific to see this big film on a big screen, with an audience. So I hope to be back to the VanCity to see the follow-up film - both a sequel and a prequel to THE GODFATHER - later this month.

February 22-27, March 1-2 // 7:00 pm
Director: Francis Ford Coppola // USA 1974 // 200 min // 35mm // Rated: 14A

Check here for more about the re-release of the original GODFATHER films, and some good background on the restoration process.

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