Monday, August 24, 2009

Aug 28 - Sep 10: LORNA'S SILENCE, Dardenne brothers

Fantastic news! After a string of four straight masterpieces - and I don't use the word loosely - from the Dardenne brothers (LA PROMESSE, ROSETTA, THE SON, L'ENFANT), I've been eager to see their latest. In the past, their films have screened in Vancouver for three or four nights at Cinematheque, maybe a week, but we've got fourteen days to catch LORNA. Can't wait!

Lorna's Silence (Le Silence de Lorna)
Aug 28 to Sept 10
Ridge Theatre
Daily at:4:00, 7:00, 9:15
Plus Sat, Sun, & Mon (Sept 7) at 1:30

Lorna, a young Albanian woman living in Belgium, has her sights set on opening a snack bar with her lover Sokol. In order to do so, she has become involved in a scam conducted by Fabio, a gangster. . . .

Directors: Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
Cast: Arta Dobroshi, Jérémie Rénier, Fabrizio Rongione, Alban Ukaj, Morgan Marrine, Olivier Gourmet.

Cannes Film Festival (France) Won: Best Screenplay (Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne) Nominated: Golden Palm (Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne)
César Awards (France) Nominated: Best Foreign Film
European Film Awards Nominated: Best Actress (Arta Dobroshi)
Lumiere Awards (France) Won: Best French Language Film

The Dardenne brothers previous four films can all be rented at Videomatica. Of course.

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