Saturday, August 08, 2009

I Am Sam: Commemorating "The Crossing"

A little something to commemorate the occasion,
forty years ago today: 11:35AM, August 8, 1969.
from I Am Sam (Jessie Nelson, 2001)

Edited from Wikipedia: In Danny Boyle's Trainspotting the four main characters walk towards a climactic drug deal processing the "wrong" way across a street crossing: the scene takes place as they walk out of Smallbrook Mews across Craven Road to the Royal Eagle, 26–30 Craven Road, Bayswater. The 1998 Walt Disney movie The Parent Trap featured a brief imitation, including a freeze frame to make it obvious: after Hallie arrives in London, she and her mother walk across the street together, on the same street, zebra crossing, and with the same cars as the Abbey Road album cover, as the song "Here Comes The Sun" plays. The very final shot of the Spanish movie El factor Pilgrim (The Pilgrim Factor) by Alberto Rodriguez and Santi Amodeo features the four main characters crossing Abbey Road in procession. I Am Sam, which features covers of Beatles songs as its soundtrack, includes a scene in which several characters walk across a zebra crossing carrying pink balloons.

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