Tuesday, November 03, 2009

NOW PLAYING: Wild Loud Serious Education

THE BIG LEBOWSKI tonight only at the VanCity, 7:30.

Carol, Max, KW

2009: the year of the Amazing Kids' Movie? I just saw WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, and that's one unpredictable, substantial, exotic piece of work: Spike Jonze, Dave Eggers, flings itself with reckless abandon on the same wide-eyed year-end pile as UP. My WILD enthusings evoke insistences I see CORALINE: eager to comply. Awaiting frantically FANTASTIC MR FOX: great extended profile of director Wes Anderson in Nov 2 New Yorker whets the appetite further. And I'm told CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS is fun. Nothing wrong with fun. In a sometimes weary grey autumn, I'd pay fifteen buck for fun.

Look what Jeff Overstreet says about AN EDUCATION, from the director of my beloved ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS: "The rising buzz about Carey Mulligan’s star-making performance, not to mention the compliments paid to the great Alfred Molina for his supporting role, have made me impatient to see Scherfig’s new film. The fact that it’s about a teenage girl from suburban London being baited by an older man (Peter Sarsgaard) into a wild new life on the promise that he’ll give her a C.S. Lewis sightseeing tour of Oxford makes it seem that much more intriguing."

Plenty of critics are dismissive of A SERIOUS MAN, but it seems to me most Coen brothers flicks get chilly receptions, then grow on us. And many of my Soul Food-ish movie pals hail this Job story set in Midwestern Jewish subculture, c. 1967.

Soul Foodies are often U2 fans (you should have seen my facebook news feed a week ago!): note the daily 2:30 Denman matinees of IT MIGHT GET LOUD, a guitar rock-doc featuring The Edge.

Also at the Denman for the time being, JULIE & JULIA (one of my '09 faves) 4pm daily, and 500 DAYS OF SUMMER (which I liked a lot) 7:00 nightly. J&J also a double feature at the Hollywood with the intriguing DISTRICT 9 Tue/Wed, the latter with a couple shows daily at Granville 7.

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