Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I hereby officially declare the next seven days the Soul Food International Film Festival. (Well, maybe not so official. It only just occurred to me around 5:00 this morning, and it kind of already opened. Make that The First Non-Annual Unintentional Soul Food International Film Festival of Vancouver. Catchy title, eh?)

The Mirror (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1975, Russia)

What's wrong with me? I wrote up my NOW PLAYING post a few days ago and completely forgot about the Soul Food Double Feature that's been written in my datebook for a month! This Thursday night at Pacific Cinematheque, Andrei Tarkovsky's THE MIRROR shows at 7:15, followed by Douglas Sirk's THE MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION at 9:15.

The Magnificent Obsession (Douglas Sirk, 1954, USA)

The films are also showing separately on other nights this week (see the above links for specific times), but Thursday is the one night that offers an opportunity to view them back to back.

(Seraphine, Martin Provost, 2009, France/Belgium)

That's an opportunity you may want to take advantage of, given that SERAPHINE is running Tuesday through Thursday at The Hollywood (9:15 nightly) and MUNYURANGABO plays Friday through Monday at the VanCity (various screening times).

Munyurangabo (Lee Isaac Chung, 2007, Rwanda)

Toss in viewings of A SERIOUS MAN (and maybe even IT MIGHT GET LOUD and GENTLEMEN BRONCOS?) and you'll have yourself a soul-satisfying cinematic smorgasbord the like of which is unlikely to be seen again. (At least not until we launch our own rather more intentional Soul Food Film Festival...)

A Serious Man (Joel & Ethan Coen, 2009, USA)

For showtimes and venues for all films, check the always helpful Cinemaclock

PS Oh, and my buddy Bryan Coley writes "Go see THE BLIND SIDE to see Sandra Bullock portray one of the best Christian characters ever put on film. Great movie!"

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Mack Gordon said...

I'm choked that I have to miss The Mirror. I'm busy everyday it plays. But Thursday I'm going to see After the Quake by Pi theatre so that should be good too.