Wednesday, September 22, 2010

lobby hero | kenneth lonergan play in vancouver

Kenneth Lonergan wrote three significant screenplays: YOU CAN COUNT ON ME, which is perfection, and if you haven't seen it you must; GANGS OF NEW YORK, a Martin Scorsese picture which I thought was almost a return to late seventies form but whichmany criticized; and ANALYZE THIS, which was comic genius until it ran out of gas somewhere along the way and I never could quite figure out why. He's also a playwright, and LOBBY HERO opens in Vancouver September 30. No idea if it'll be a good production or not, but I'm sure curious.

Dirty Manhattan Equity Co-op presents
Lobby Hero
directed by Kelly-Ruth Mercier
Sep 30 - Oct 16
Havana Theatre, 1212 Commercial Drive

Tight, intense, and a roller coaster of power-struggles, Lobby Hero is set in a foyer of a middle-income Manhattan apartment building in the middle of the night, and follows a doorman who’s just trying to get by (Jeff), his by-the-book supervisor (William), and an overbearing cop (Bill) and his rookie female partner (Dawn). Jeff gets drawn into a local murder investigation, and his loyalties to his work and to his family are pushed to the breaking point. As Jeff’s tightly-wound supervisor is called to bear witness against his troubled brother, and a rookie cop finds she must stand up to her seasoned partner, truth becomes elusive and justice proves costly.

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