Sunday, September 26, 2010

viff 2010 | soul food?

The standout Soul Food pick at this year's Vancouver International Film Festival is clearly Of Gods And Men, which won the Grand Prix at the 2010 Cannes Festival, which has a post all its own

The other title that's an obvious fit for this blog is Rejoice And Shout, a history of gospel music - The Soul Stirrers, Dixie Hummingbirds - and it too has been blogged already

Here are a handful of other titles with little hints of Soul Food, though it's always a "your guess is as good as mine" proposition: for example, one gets the idea that the "passion" of the priest in the Márquez story may well be more temporal than eternal. Still, you never know...

Mysteries of Lisbon
(Portugal, France, 2010, 272 min)
A picaresque masterpiece in the best tradition of Victor Hugo and Balzac, Raúl Ruiz's sprawling, gorgeous adaptation of Camilo Castelo Branco's famous novel perambulates from the exquisite estates of the aristocracy to the rotting cities of 19th century Europe. Determined to discover the truth of his parentage, a boy sets out on a journey of discovery, accompanied by a helpful priest.
Sat, Oct 2nd 1:00pm | Park Theatre
Tue, Oct 5th 7:00pm | Park Theatre

Family Affair
When Chico Colvard was ten years old, he shot his older sister Paula in the leg. Convinced that she was about to die, she confessed that her father had been abusing both her and her two sisters for years. The complexities of race, sex and family are explored in Colvard's remarkable documentary that seeks to understand whether it is possible to forgive the unforgivable.
Wed, Oct 6th 12:20pm | G7
Mon, Oct 11th 9:30pm | Vancity

A Film Unfinished
The 1942 Nazi propaganda film Ghetto purported to depict the inhumanity of the Jewish community to its own. With no soundtrack, the footage was little more than a horrifying relic of the Third Reich's madness, until the discovery of rare outtakes, as well as interviews with an SS cameraman, led Yael Hersonki to reveal that the truth was even stranger than Nazi fiction
Sun, Oct 10th 11:40am | G7
Wed, Oct 13th 7:00pm | G7

This one catches my eye because previous Hrebejk/Jarchosky collaborations have dealt directly with Jewish/Christian themes, or attracted the "deeply humanist" label - often an indicator of high Soul Food content...
Kawasaki's Rose
(2009, 100 min)
The prolific filmmaking team of director Jan Hrebejk and screenwriter Petr Jarchosky (Divided We Fall, Up and Down) return with this resonant drama about a respected university professor, known for his youthful anti-communist stance, whose past is not what it seems. Winner, CICAE Award for Art Cinema, Berlin 2010.
Fri, Oct 1st 9:30pm | Park
Sun, Oct 3rd 1:20pm | G7
Mon, Oct 4th 7:15pm | G7

Family Tree
(France, 95 min)
When an elderly man (Guy Marchand) refuses to attend the funeral of his son, his decision confounds his remaining children. But the motivation behind his actions proves more astounding... Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau's (Jeanne and the Perfect Guy) drama picks apart the intricacies of one family's mysterious past with intelligence and deep compassion.
Fri, Oct 1st 4:00pm | G7
Sat, Oct 2nd 6:15pm | G7
Tue, Oct 5th 10:15am | G7

Of Love and Other Demons
(2010, 97 min)
When an exquisitely beautiful teenage girl is bitten by a rabid dog and becomes the victim of (supposed) demonic possession, her body and soul are placed into the care of a passionate priest. Forbidden love and all that it entails soon erupts. Hilda Hidalgo's lushly beautiful film is based on the novel by Gabriel García Márquez.
Fri, Oct 1st 9:15pm | G7
Sat, Oct 2nd 10:30am | G7
Sun, Oct 3rd 12:15pm | G7

Pink Saris
(UK, 2010, 96 min)
The Gulabi Gang, known by their distinctive pink saris, are a renegade sisterhood who defend the most abused and oppressed female untouchables in Uttar Pradesh's Banda District. Kim Longinotto (Rough Aunties) examines not only the group and their complex leader Sampat Pal Devi, but also the means by which they seek justice
Thu, Sep 30th 11:00am | G7
Tue, Oct 12th 12:20pm | G7
Thu, Oct 14th 6:45pm | G7

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