Tuesday, January 25, 2011

son of man | netflix.ca

No time for a proper post, but I've heard that Son Of Man - perhaps my favourite Jesus movie, along with The Gospel According To St Matthew - is available for streaming on netflix.ca. I believe the service costs eight bucks a month. I'm loathe to point anyone in that direction - far better you should subscribe to videomatica.ca, keep a phenomenal local video shop in businesss, with its infinitely better selection of films. But still, if you want to see the South African film about the life of Jesus that I saw twice when it was here in the Vancouver International Film Festival, and am dying to see again... It's the only movie Videomatica does not have, I'm pretty sure.

PS Free one-month trial membership. Enough to watch Son Of Man five or six times, realize there's not that much else available there, cancel your membership before you have to start paying, and open a new subscription to videomatica!

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