Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nov 29: Ken Priebe on Stop Motion Animation

A presentation & panel discussion at the Vancouver International Film Centre
Wed Nov 29, 7:30pm (6:30 book signing)

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Ken Priebe is a new film buddy of mine - he showed up one night at the movie group that meets occasionally at our house (kinda like a book club, but with... you get the idea). It was fabulous! We were looking at IRON GIANT that night, an animated classic that Ken has spent a lot of time with. See, he's an animator himself, and he brought incredible insight into the film and its themes, on top of all kinds of detail about the craft of the film.

Ken's also a regular contributor to Hollywood Jesus - well, less regular now that he and his wife have created a new little animated feature of their own, who needs regular feeding, cleaning and entertainment - and I've really enjoyed his pieces in the two published annual review anthologies from HJ, in which Ken brings a distinctly Christian perspective to HOME ON THE RANGE, GARDEN STATE and MARCH OF THE PENGUINS. (Wish he could have joined me at the HAPPY FEET preview! I'm reviewing it this week for CT Movies).

Ken also teaches 2D and stop-motion animation - in fact, he wrote the book on sto-mo! Quite literally. “The Art of Stop-Motion Animation” went into print this summer, and is already the textbook for courses on making movies like WALLACE & GROMIT.

You can join Ken and other industry professionals for a presentation and panel discussion on all that kinda stuff at the VIFC on Nov 29.


Ken Priebe
Ken earned a BFA from the University of Michigan, where he studied art and film and directed several independent animation shorts. He has worked as an animator for several childrens' games and freelance projects for Hasbro Interactive and other independent filmmakers. Ken currently works in admissions at VanArts and teaches part-time courses in 2D and Stop-Motion Animation.

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