Saturday, November 11, 2006

perfume (tykwer)

Limited release December 8, wide release Jan 5

I know this looks like just another horror/depravity/murder/thriller picture, and that may be all it is. Two things, though.

A few years back, a theologically-inclined buddy insisted I read the source novel for its real insights into the nature of sin and salvation: it's not an amoral novel, but a moral novel that shows the reality and consequences of evil – rather like Doctor Faustus, or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Even better, it's being directed by Tom Tykwer, so it's sure to be something much more thoughtful and substantial than a typical exploitative thriller: he directed the brilliant RUN LOLA RUN, which I (and theologian Robert K Johnston, in his book on Ecclesiastes and film) consider profoundly spiritual, as well as its "follow-up" THE PRINCESS & THE WARRIOR (on similar themes). Tykwer was also chosen to direct the first of the HEAVEN/HELL/PURGATORY series of films which were to have been the next projects of European director Krystof Kieslowski, who was completely concerned with moral / spiritual issues: his THREE COLORS trilogy and his DECALOGUE series (which looked closely at each of the Ten Commandments) regularly place right near the top of the Arts & Faith Spiritually Significant Films poll.

Saw the trailer last night when I went to see THE QUEEN, and Liz and I both agreed, you can tell this is the biggest-budgeted German film ever: the money's all up there on the screen. Looked more Gothic Lush than Tykwerian, but you never know...

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