Tuesday, August 14, 2007


BROADWAY DANNY ROSE (1984, USA, Woody Allen)
Lou is a has been, he’s got a big ego, a temperament and a slight drinking problem. And Danny’s got faith.

The warmest of Woody’s films riffs on none of his philosophical / theological preoccupations, but is filled with affection for down-and-outs, second-rates and also-rans. Danny is talentless talent agent who champions the worst and strangest variety acts imaginable; the blind xylophone player (“But the man is a beautiful man, he’s a fantastic individual!”), the one-armed juggler, the one-legged tap dancer. Bookended by standout scenes with food on the table: for starters, a clutch of real-life old-time Borscht Belt comedians swap Danny Rose stories in Carnegie Deli, sparked with the ultra-natural comraderie that fires similar scenes in DINER and RESERVOIR DOGS; to finish, a comically bittersweet Thanksgiving dinner among the misfits that turns frozen turkey dinners and Tab into sacramental elements, a foretaste of some eternal feast of fools where the lion sits down with us losers, and we all win.


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