Monday, August 20, 2007


CLUELESS (1995, USA, Amy Heckerling)
I decided I needed a complete make-over, except this time I'd make-over my soul.

“Emma” in Beverly Hills, an exceptionally witty teen flick that doesn’t wear literary inspiration on its designer sleeve. Like all Jane Austen, a closely observed portrait of small moral awakenings among the oblivious bourgeoisie: amused, affectionate, engaging. Defies expectations; nerdy teachers turn out to be human (and smart) after all, and Dad works hard but is neither distant, ineffectual nor clueless. How might conscience emerge, what might the first stirrings of altruism look like, in a culture of narcissism and consumption?


Available at Videomatica.

You may also want to check out "Jane Austen Meets Jesus" at the Society Of Mutual Autopsy blog. Which has nothing to do with this movie. But still.

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