Monday, August 13, 2007


THE STATEMENT (2003, Canada/France/USA, Norman Jewison, Ronald Harwood screenplay from Brian Moore novel)
The Church is my only hiding place. My only refuge.

An aging Nazi collaborator – now a devout Catholic – wrestles with his conscience as a Crimes Against Humanity investigation pursues him from one hiding place to the next; cathedrals, monasteries, the homes of “sympathetic” believers. Unfortunately, there's not much real wrestling of any kind in this flat flick: I'm not sure how an experienced director like Norman "IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT" Jewison could create such a dramatically bland film from the Brian Moore thriller – Michael Caine! Tilda Swinton! Alan Bates! Charlotte Rampling! John Neville! William Hutt! – but he did. Add this to the "Great Premise, Unfulfilled" file.


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