Friday, May 01, 2009

May 3 / Jun 6: animator Ken Priebe on faith & film

Ken is a local animator who also writes for Hollywood Jesus. Ken wrote the book on stop-motion animation - quite literally. Until I add contact info to this, if you might be interested in attending either event, email me or post a response here and i"ll pass it on to Ken.

I know it's short notice but just thought I'd let you know I'm giving the morning message at Cedar Park Church in Ladner this weekend, Sunday May 3 10:40am. It's on 'Faith & Film: Taking God's Detour' and centers around the Pixar movie CARS.

It's partly a kick-off for my upcoming animation festival, also at Cedar Park on Sat June 6. The festival will consist of workshops & family activities in the afternoon, a short film screening, then a BBQ and an evening presentation I'll be giving on 'Animation as an Act of Worship', talking about spiritual themes in movies like PINOCCHIO and THE IRON GIANT, etc.

Ken Priebe

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