Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scenes From A Parish (and Filmwell)

Soul Food Movies friend Jeffrey Overstreet called to let me know about Filmwell, a movie site featuring writers Mike Hertenstein (Flickerings/Cornerstone), Mike Leary (film-think), Jason Morehead (opus), Jeffrey Overstreet (Looking Closer) and Alissa Wilkinson (Curator)). My first visit yields this tip from the artist formerly known as (M)Leary: currently in earliest stages of release, playing around Boston, but now we know to watch for it. The trailer shows that somebody behind a camera had a good eye...

(My favourite quote from the trailer: "I had a grandmother that, she came from Canada. And she could hardly speak English. But she made herself understood." I'm inspired: time to get over to the community centre and re-enroll in that American as a Second Language night class...)

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